THE PRESIDENT WHO CRIED “VICTORY” (after Aesop, the boy who cried wolf)

The way to this President’s heart is through his ego; for his ego demands that he be the winner of everything.

So, this President simply unilaterally declared victory in Afganistan and Iraq for a date certain and withdrew the troops. So, the American people were told, the President had won the war against the Taliban and Sunnis and terrorists for them; and they had nothing to worry about; so relax and disarm

Then, this President said he would remove a dictator in Syria and declared that his words were enough to accomplish it. But terrorists took over and declared their own country. Remember this President’s ego demands that he be the winner, always. So he simply declared to the American people that he was engaging the terrorists and that his words would inevitably lead him to victory. Not to worry, the President again told the American people; just relax and disarm.

Then the President declared that because of his victories, it was right and just to bring in thousands and thousands of Afgans, Iraqis, Syrians, etc. where he declared victory over “man-caused disasters.” This time the President dissed and shamed the American People as really being bad for fearing Jihad, Muslim fundamentalism and terrorism – when he, Obama, the Bringer of Peace, was so Victorious everywhere.

So the American people relaxed and disarmed and received this President’s gift of Jihad, Muslim fundamentalism and terrorism at home.




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