CLINTON’S CHALLENGE TO TRUMP (after tales of Mulla Nasrudin)

Saint Hillary twisted Big Mouth Trump’s words and acted offended again on behalf of all women. So Saint Hillary called in Slick Willy to vindicate her. And, he announced to the America People that he had a challenge for that Big Mouth Trump.

So Slick Willy called out Trump, “Hey, Big Mouth, I have a challenge for you. I want you to offend the Saint again, but in a way that afterwards your explanation – will be a 1000 times worse than your original offense.”

Trump, laughed of course. Then Big Mouth invited the American People along with him to watch when he went up to Saint Hillary’s cell. And Big Mouth went right up to Slick Willy standing guard and KISSED the Willy right on the lips.

“What was that”?, Slick Willy and Saint Hillary together cried out, both confused but exhilarated at witnessing & experiencing a new experience.

Big Mouth chomped, “Oh, excuuuse me Willy, I got you confused with ‘that woman’, Saint Hillary, your wife.”

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