THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’S LOST HEART & BRAINS (after Aesop, the ass’s brains)

Lion Clinton and Fox Obama went hunting together. Clinton the Lion, on the advice of Obama the Fox, sent a message to the American People, proposing to make an alliance between them and have the American People bend their knee to the Lion.

The American People came to the meeting place at the election precinct, overjoyed at the prospect of being “subject” to a “royal alliance”. But when the American People showed up and voted to give up their sovereignty, the Lion then immediately pounced on the People and made short shrift of them.

Clinton the Lion crowed to Obama the Forx: “Here’s enough of them to be our dinner to feed off of for the next 8 years! I’m tired after all that work, so watch over them for a while. I’m going to stretch out and nap in the Oval Office for a bit.” And, “Oh,” the Lion said: don’t you dare touch my prey.”

Fox Obama waited and waited, but Lion Clinton, busy being Royal, didn’t return. So Fox went to their prey, the American People, removed their heart and brains; and kept them for himself.

When Lion Clinton finally came back, she noticed that the American Peoples had apparently lost their heart and brains. Angered, Lion demanded of the Fox, “what did you do with their heart and brains?”

“Brains, your Majesty! The American People had none; or they would never have fallen into your election trap. Heart, your Majesty! The American People surely had lost their heart, or they would never have voted their sovereignty away.

And Lion Clinton and Fox Obama both had a good laugh and proceeded to enjoy using the rest of the American People over the next 8 years.

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