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Life’s Ironies — States’ Rights has now become the siren call of disgruntled Democrats!  The intent is even the same as of yore – ripping the Union apart! Democrats secede from the Union !  So Separatist Gov Brown leads a … Continue reading

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THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’S LOST HEART & BRAINS (after Aesop, the ass’s brains)

Lion Clinton and Fox Obama went hunting together. Clinton the Lion, on the advice of Obama the Fox, sent a message to the American People, proposing to make an alliance between them and have the American People bend their knee … Continue reading

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THE MUSLIM AND THE WESTERNER (after Aesop, the wolf and the lamb)

  A Muslim fundamentalist looked around his country and found chaos, poverty and corruption. Then he looked abroad and saw peace, comfort and social justice.  He wanted what he saw and figured he could get it from them for himself. … Continue reading

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DEMOCRACY – CHINA STYLE in HONG KONG (after lewis carroll)

XI DEEDUM and XI DUMDEE Agreed to have a vote, And XI JINPING to ‘em both Said, boys follow only me by rote. HONG KONG gets to pick Only from DEE to DUM Who cares if it makes ‘em sick … Continue reading

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