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Sure, the Russian Bear has proved itself to be a ferocious tiger. But, poor Obama has shown his true stripes, yet once again – ferocious YELLOW.  Obama ain’t even a  Chinese Paper Tiger.  All Obama can do is have his … Continue reading

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OBAMA the ASS in the LION’S SKIN MEETS PUTIN the FOX (after Aesop)

An ass who had been masquerading as a President, got bored with his ability to fool his own people. So he liberated a Lion’s skin from the Halloween store, dressed himself up in it and ran around impressing the rest … Continue reading

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NEWS FLASH : OBAMA – PUTIN IN RE-MATCH ! Democrats are running scared: Obama is about to go another round with Putin at the UN. Obama thinks it involves Ukraine. Putin knows it involves Syria. Well, past is prologue. EXTRA, … Continue reading

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