Curiouser and curiouser.  Democrats and liberals ‘choose not to remember the past, but allow themselves the right to repeat it’ – and are content to condemn the American Public to become their subjects.

First.  The infamous past:  The Inquisition, the Grand Inquisitor, his petty inquisitors and their Index of Prohibited Books (Librorum Prohibitorum).  And when?  Why after The Great Liberation; when the Church and Monarchy’s monopoly on information and knowledge was blown up.  By what?  Why by the printing press and the open, free and “cheap” publication and dissemination of everything to the “masses”.  And the response?  Why forbid publishing and reading, of course.  And the purpose?  Why certainly not to protect the power and prerogatives of the ruling class of clergy and state.  No, of course not.  And so “really” why?  Why to protect the people’s morals and thinking from disruptive books!

Switch to our enlightened modern times.  1984 taught us again that modern governments have the power, will and skill to turn us into Newspeak lemmings.  And even in “enlightened democracies” the cost barriers to entry allowed for a monopoly of social and political information  in the Fourth Estate, as handmaiden to the new religious First Estate, the Political Class.

The Second Coming of the Great Liberation:  the Internet.  Celebrated by liberals as liberating – a way to break the monopoly of big media and the gate-keepers’ of information and interpreters of events and history.  Freedom of expression and Information’s Second Coming.

And now the Second Coming of the Inquisition and Grand Inquisitors.  Democrats are leading the charge of the Political Class out to establish the Second Coming of the Index of Prohibited Books – a new Index, the Index Internet Prohibitorum = the Index of Prohibited Internet.

Grand Inquisitor Pelosi wants the Internet vetted to protect the American People’s thinking being misled.  Grand German Inquisitor Kramp – Karrenbauer chirps that it is unfair to allow certain kinds of opinion to influence elections.

Of course, they banish us from uttering the word “censorship”. But Pelosi’s purpose is simply Orwellian with a twist:

‘The government which controls the present controls the future.’
But it’s for our own good !  Sound familiar ?

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What if – we think of Steele and his dossier from another perspective? What if – we think that it was the FBI all along that wanted to get unverified, scurrilous dis-information about Trump out to the public ?  What if – the FBI knew that they could not use such material if they were “the source”?  And then, what if – the FBI knew they had to use a “cut-out”, an “independent” source in order for them to then “use” the material?

I raise the thought because of an interesting timeline.  A fact mentioned by John Solomon in THE Hill:  Steele was hired by the FBI and took a special instruction in February 2016 for confidential informants.  The purpose of the hire: to provide info on Russia and the Trump campaign.

Then months later, in June 2016, Steele is hired by Fusion.  And just a few days later – on June 20, 2016 – he’s already completed and turned in the first report part of the Steele dossier.  Huh?  Curious.  God-like in a week or so he’s first gone out and investigated, etc. and written up his first report?

What if it’s rather that the info he “gathered” as FBI hireling and/or as info he was handed by the FBI was then used to “source” the private – oh so non-governmental – dossier report(s)?  Curious.

So maybe it’s an FBI “plant” to influence the election by disseminating dis-information they could not, on their own, use.  So maybe it’s an FBI method of making public what they could not make public.  So maybe, it’s an FBI method of having their own “material” brought to them – as if from outside sources – so that they could use to then investigate.

And of course,  the FBI is supremely competent to have their cake and eat it too.  Why, the material was then “vetted as reliable” by the mere fact that it came from a known source who was “trustworthy” because he was an informant they worked with before on an un-related matter (FIFA, 2009).  So maybe Washington Rules have become Moscow Rules and FBI has become FSB.

It’s not the old saw, ‘The FBI always gets its man’.
It’s rather, “The FBI gets any man it wants to get.”
And, unfortunately, it seems we can take that to the bank.

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Cincinnatus is the great hero of the Roman Republic . At a time of great danger he was given absolute government power – Dictator. But when he completed his supreme task, rather than continue in his appointed absolute power he resigned.  And became thereby the model forever after for honorable government service to the Republic and not to perpetuate power in any faction.

And now to our Republic. It was a time of Crisis in America.  A presidential candidate who was universally agreed to be a shoo-in was defeated.  And by a non-politician to boot.

How could this be – the laws of the normal order of things and not just the laws of the land had to have been violated.  And the Republic in abject fear cried out: Something Rotten in the State of Denmark !  He must be a fifth – columnist !  He must be a Quisling to Putin’s Hitler !   He must be, not just a crook, but he must be a Traitor !

The cries went out for help:  And in a crisis – the normal order was to be abandoned.  Just like in the Roman Republic an American (quasi-)dictator was needed.

Mr.  Mueller, you were called to the same service; a distinguished and honorable man brought back from private life to take the reins of government and save the Republic.  Robert Mueller – our American Cincinnatus!

You completed your task.  But, as has become clear, those who cried wolf about the President are not satisfied with your service.  Worse, they are not thankful for your service, much less thankful that the great danger was not there.

The verdict is still out whether what happened: was just all them politico & media Chicken Littles honestly scared yelling that the sky was falling; or, that there is a politico and media elite that itself would undercut the Republic and the institution of elections as the People’s choice.

But it seems obvious they now wish to misuse you – to give them another chance to cry wolf again – this time for partisan political advantage.  It can no longer be said that they are honorably bound to preserve the Republic from a great danger of a Traitor at the helm of the ship of state that they know is not present.

Do not allow yourself to be used for a partisan fight.
Do not appear before these committees.


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Democrat politicians, with utter contempt for the American People, believed they could trick us into getting rid of Trump by making ‘lots a’ smoke and then yelling “where there’s smoke, there must be fire.”

So, the Dems started out with a series of lying moves against Trump in the certainty that the truth of them didn’t matter.  Why?  Because their elitist view of the American People is that we are so simple that we would believe that even where there was make-believe smoke, we would believe there was real fire.

Now, as with any brazen gambler, when 2 years of investigation after investigation backed by the unlimited resources of the FBI, the Justice Dept. and Congress did not pan out – they simply double-down.  And so, they simply change tack and come back with some 7 new make-believe stories (aka investigations) – still in the Newspeak belief, that Lenin and Goebbels are right – ‘tell a big enough lie, often enough (here’s smoke) and the American People will believe it (there’s fire).’

Curious.  Dems always seem to get things ass-backwards. In Trump’s case, they get the story of the  Blind Men and the Elephant – yup, ass-backwards.

The Blind Democrat Politicians think they can see their way clear to blind the American People to what’s really going on by simply pulling the wool over our eyes.

But this Elephant, the American People, is neither blind, nor dumb.  We see through what they’re doing.  The Democrats are yelling “fire” in our American Home, democracy, but the Americn People know better:


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There is a really simple way to counter the  “Shifty” & “Needling” posturing about Barr engaging in a “cover-up” if he redacts anything out of the Mueller Report.

For each and every sentence(s) redacted, Barr should simply footnote it with the relevant comment: e.g. “the material redacted here is direct / specifically quoted Grand Jury Material (date & location citation) incorporated into this Report.”

Then let the “Shifty” & “Needling” dynamic duo put up or shut up:  i.e., go to court and demand that the judge un-redact that direct / specifically quoted Grand Jury Material.

That’ll learn ‘em.

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What a narrow escape.  A nasty Cpl. Schiff spread lies among us crew (ordinary seamen America) and tried to get the American People to mutiny against an elected Captain.

His attempt to commandeer the Ship of State and lock the Captain in the brig failed, thank God.  He should be called Cpl. Schiff-ty, because his was a Siren’s song to steer us – not into safety – but into chaos. First, he lied to us American crew  saying that the Captain was leading us to be eaten alive by the evil Scylla (Putin).  And, when that didn’t work, he lied to us crew that the Captain was then leading America to be pulled apart and drown in a whirlpool of the Captain’s own making (Charybdis).

Every time Cpl. Schiff grabbed the helm (er, media spotlight) instead of steering us to safe harbor – he did just the opposite – trying to rip us crew apart, forcing us to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea.

To hear this schiff-tless Cpl. tell it, every time a lie he told ran into the rock of a truth, he simply schiff-ted course for another false course; and ran right into another truth.

Had us crew listened and followed Cpl. Schiff our fate as his poor misguided Schiff-mates would be to go down to Davey Jones’ locker with him.  As it is, denying every truth  Schiff took on water so badly that he and his fellows foundered and are finally deep – sixed.

And America has finally come to see that had us crew followed this mutineer
we would have served on a Scheiss-Schiff.

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Well, well.  The Blind Men of American Politics and the Media have been shown again to be, well, blind.  So, it’s time for the Elephant (the American People) to speak.

We sort’a always figured that the simple genius of American politics was that you could make a run for power – lose – but not lose your life and possessions – and could try for power again, next time ‘round.  And this break from all the other ways of gaining and holding power: kings with pretenders to the throne; tyrants, dictators, communists with everyone; religious systems with heretics; and putchist factions with each other – was what made us what we are – stable and safe – in short a democracy!

But American politics was turned on its head this time after the Trump election.  The losers, the democratic political establishment and an established [entitled?] bureaucracy, determined to kill off the winner – instead of being content to live another day  and wait the allotted time to try their turn again !

And so we have a nightmarish novelty:  all the old tricks of killing off the losing faction, were used instead by the losers to try and kill off the winner.  Had the blind men, these pols and media, ever bothered to ask the American People (the Elephant) they would have known that even as you scared us half to death – we thought you ‘done us wrong’.

Blind men, its been downright “un-American”:

*  to sweep up a trawling net of besides-the-issue criminal charges to scare us that “where there’s smoke, there must be fire”.  And put it in a package that looks and feels like an American-flavored version of Stalin’s Show Trials.

*  to maintain a drumbeat of guilty, guilty, guilty before established evidence and facts – to trap us with Lenin/Goebbels propaganda’ technique “ tell a big enough lie often enough and it will become the truth” – and demand the American People believe it.

*  to constantly change the goal posts against the winner of the election, contrary to our down-home sense of fair play.

*  And finally, to overreach yourselves by never being content with: a fair answer; a fact that contradicts a pre-constructed narrative; and after praising a Special Prosecutor for 2 years, but coming up empty-handed,-  then showing yourselves to really be Lilliputians tying up the President of the United States ‘every which way, but loose’ with a promised new 2 year barrage of going over the same ground!

For the good of the country – let it go.  Have you finally, no shame?

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