PUNISHMENT a la GREQUE (after nasrudin)

Greece told their EU partners to give them more money to pay for the things they wanted, but couldn’t afford to pay for themselves.

The EU creditors agreed, but before they could give Greece more money, Greece publicly slapped the EU and shouted,
‘Make absolutely sure you give us the money free and clear !
‘The money you gave us in the past was just so you could humiliate us and make us live within our means.’

The EU began crying and cried, ‘oh partner, let us give you more money – we didn’t mean anything by it other than to help.’

‘No, we demand that you eat all the money that you gave us before; and then you can give us more money.

The rest of the world noticed this, was confused and asked,
‘Why did you hit your partner? They were only trying to help.’

Greece answered,
Well, better to hit them now, and get straight that its our money to do with as we want, than to hit them afterwards. If we get more money and then have a fight over actually having to repay it, like the situation we have now, – it would be too late

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