The Call is out:   Californians arise !  Its time  to do our part to aid Presidents Morales of Bolivia, Correa of Ecuador, Ortega of Nicaragua and Maduro of Venezuela – and help them insure Democracy and Political Freedom in the World from the Great Oppressor, the United States and its great evil state California.

Great VENEZUELA and great ECUADOR and great BOLIVIA and great NICARAGUA your name rings out in the whole world — “MOTHER OF EXILES” !

Follow your Great Leader Fidel, you Fidelitos – to a new and greater Mariel Boatlift.

California, the great oppressor state, must “realign” – and offers you the opportunity to “lift your lamp beside your golden door.”

California – enroll all of our prisoners, suffering under evil democractic capitalism with top secret clearances, give each of them a secret state memo and give them free access to Wikileaks.

Californians will then organize a great sealift and all our pleasure boats will carry our realigned prisoners, now world heros, down to Bolivia’s seaport.  And, President Morales, you will also gain a great Victory over Chile (finally) – for Chile, not having the great Castro humanitarianism you have, will surely no longer want a port overrun with American Castroite “social undesirables”.  (Oh, yes, Mister Presidents, and California will also throw in its public hospital guests to help insure your Castro stature.)

A great Victory for the Triumverate + 1 as they cry out:

“give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

the wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

send these, the homeless, tempest – tost to me.”

The “new colossus” – BoliNicaVenCuador –  their “conquering limbs astride from land to land.”

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