Thank you Doc Obama. At the start of the 21st century, we don’t have something as limited as “the sick man of Europe” (which was really “sick”). No , you have ministered the treatment of Snowden so skillfully that you have taken a healthy country and made it look and feel weak and sick.
Under your tender loving care you have managed to make America seem like “the sick lion” – the dying power to the whole world! Doc, you are the model of modern day Aesop’s fable.
Remember: A Lion (AMERICA) had come to the end of its days and lay sick and dying at the mouth of its cave, gasping for breath. . The animals (THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES), came round him as he (AMERICA) grew more helpless. When they saw him (AMERICA) on the point of death they figured: “Now’s the time to pay off old grudges.” So the Boar came up and drove at him with his tusks ( the CHINESE DRAGON belched so much smoke that it could not see Snowden as he went through airport security and immigration control – fair payback for America exporting only several millions of jobs to CHINA, instead of all of our jobs). Then a Bull gored him with his horns ( the RUSSIAN BEAR embraced Snowden in a “transit” hug in a made-up never-never Russialand on Russian soil – fair payback for, oh, I don’t know, for Gary Powers also in “transit” over Russia).
And still the Lion (AMERICA) did nothing; just lay helpless before them (ALL THESE COUNTRIES WHICH AMERICA “DID WRONG”). So the brave Ass (take your pick – BOLIVIA, ECUADOR, VENEZUELA), feeling quite safe from danger, came up, and turning his tail to the Lion (AMERICA) kicked his heels into his face. As one Ass brayed, EVO MORALES: “we have dignity, sovereignty. Without America, we are better off politically and democratically.”
And what about us Americans in Doc Obama’s America treatment. Like the Lion, “WE have taken the insults of the brave, but to be compelled to endure such treatment from an Ass, a disgrace to Nature, is indeed to die a double death.”
Since we can’t replace Doc Obama and thus have to endure another full term of being treated as the Dying Nation of the World, maybe we can find solace in another modern Aesop fable and finally treat BOLIVIA, ECUADOR and VENEZUELA as the Ass in the Lion’s Skin: Some Asses (VENEZUELA, ECUADOR, BOLIVIA) found Lion’s Skins, and dressed up in them. Then they went about frightening every one they met, for men and beasts alike all took them to be lions, , and ran when they saw them coming. Overjoyed by the success of this trick, they loudly brayed in triumph.
But the Fox (WE AMERICANS) heard them, and recognized them at once for the Asses they were, and said to them, “Oho, my friends, it’s you, is it? WE, too, would have been afraid if WE hadn’t heard your voice.”

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