Boy, is it embarassing to see President Obama’s new clothes.  All this time, Americans sincerely thought that Obama was this thoughtful statesman, above the passions of the moment.  Yes, partisan, sure, but when all was said and done, he was leading us to the promised land of living up to our collective and better principles as a society of “all the peoples” become “all the people.”

And, now, damn, painful for all to see, we can only cry “say, it isn’t so, Joe.”  President Obama is our Hypocrite – in – Chief:  each and every deliberation and action, honey-coated in beautiful words,  is to polish  his self-appointed image of himself and for his self-aggrandizement; America’s well-being be damned.

President Obama spent the first term in the White House firmly gripping his:

Magic mirror in my hand,

Who’s the slickest tongue in the land?

Why ‘Bama, let truth be told

You’re the slickest tongue in all the world!

But like ‘the boy who cried wolf’, in the second term the slickest tongue in the west, lost his touch when it came time to continuing to fool the world:

Magic mirror truth be told,

Who’s the cleverest in the world?

Why my ‘Bama,

Putin, Assad & Ayatollah be the cleverest in the world!

And now, that the world knows, President Obama sits circled by only a White House wagon, alone, with no one else, but to rap to his last remaining friend:

‘Mirror on the wall

Here we are again,

Through my rise

– looked like i took the world  for a ride !


And now my fall

– looks like cain’t get no one to ride at all


You’ve been my only friends

Through all my shenanigans


So here’s why we’re here again

Alone at last, mirror , my only frien’

The world has come to believe you, Commander – in – Chief:   after years of saying that it’s America that has no clothes.  The world believes America has  no power on its own and / or  influence over others  to get the bad asses to behave.

You know, we all knew that guy, Truman; he was a President of ours ‘n  he knew where the buck stopped.  And you, Mr. Obama,  ain’t no Harry Truman.  Our slickest tongue learned  only how to pass the buck.

We were seduced and fooled into electing  only the “Jein” President.

Yes, I can – set a red line.  No, I can’t – stop a bad ass from crossing it.

Yes, I can – help the rebels in a war.  No, I can’t – help them with weapons of war.

Yes, I  can – do a Clinton and lob a few insignificant missiles at a milk powder plant.  No, I can’t – even do that, really.

Yes, I can –  teach the bad asses a lesson.  No, I can’t – get them to believe, much less learn, the lesson.

Yes, I can –  teach “bullying [in a schoolyard] can have destructive consequences…. And it’s not something we have to accept”.  No, I can’t – do anything but accept big bad assassins and murders in the real world.

 Now hear the Word of the Lord:  President Obama has impoverished  America with this kind of Aesop’s credibility:

 Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Into what fable do I  fall?

Why ‘Bama  you can’t win,‘

It’s “The Ass in the Lion’s Skin”

The President put on the lion’s authority of Pax U.N.-Romana to Korea and Iran; and then Pax Re-Set to Russia. Oh, and how they said they have  listened to the lion’s authority – Iran builds away at an atomic bomb, North Korea starts to produce more atomic bombs; and Russia (which has a surfeit of bombs) just gives asylum to America’s fifth columnists.  And the end piece in this Obama farce is that believing in his slick tongue he now talks Pax Morality to Syria.

Damn it, Obama.  Putin, Kim, Ayatollah and Assad all know the  reality:  your slick tongue betrays you in that lion’s skin.  The world hears braying; not a lion’s roar and laughs:

“oho, my friend, it’s you, is it?

We, too, would have been afraid if only we hadn’t heard your voice.”

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