OBAMA the ASS in the LION’S SKIN MEETS PUTIN the FOX (after Aesop)

An ass who had been masquerading as a President, got bored with his ability to fool his own people. So he liberated a Lion’s skin from the Halloween store, dressed himself up in it and ran around impressing the rest of the world that he was the Lion King of all the countries of the world.

And lo and behold, it was true. The Lion traveled round and round the world to all the countries and they awarded him the King’s Prize and Portion.

But Putin the Fox was given a stupid toy red “re-set” button and began to wonder if this Lion had only ‘changed his spots’ ;  and started to follow him around.

Sure enough, this Presidential Lion was all bark and no bite. He saw that the Lion was so mighty pleased with himself at his ability to fool all the other peoples of the world that all he did was reward himself with endless rounds of golf and play.

The Fox immediately ran off and gobbled up country after country “re-setting” them to award him the King’s Prize and Portion. Well, our Lion King came charging up to the Fox, but then in finest voice could only bray, not roar, that Fox was usurping the Lion’s role and would be ostracized and have horrible punishments visited upon him.

That sly ole Fox, why he jus’ sidled up to silly ole Lion, first stroked him under the chin and then popped him good on the nose. While the Lion was reeling punch-drunk, Fox tied him up, every which way but loose, laughing all the time,

“Some Lion!  Your braying with no bite betrayed you for the Ass you really are!”

And Fox and friends proceeded to take over half ,or more, the world’s countries again.

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