THE MUSLIM AND THE WESTERNER (after Aesop, the wolf and the lamb)


A Muslim fundamentalist looked around his country and found chaos, poverty and corruption.

Then he looked abroad and saw peace, comfort and social justice.  He wanted what he saw and figured he could get it from them for himself.

So, the Jihadi called out to the Westerner, hey, you owe me for the Crusades a thousand years ago.

The West said, that was then, this is now: and, anyway, you control us with your oil.

The Jihadi then said, you owe me as you stole our lands of Spain and France and Balkans and Austria – Hungary and the Caucasus.

The West said, but you invaded and conquered us; we just took back what was ours.

Well, then, you Westerners hate us because we‘re Muslims who believe in peace.

The West said, but we believe in the peace that all men should be free to believe in their own religion.

The Jihadi snarled; well then. all of your professions are just lies to fool , humiliate and trap us.

The West cried out, but we believed you when you said you are a religion of peace; so please leave us in peace.

The Jihadi grinned, we are, but peace is only for us Believers.

Anyway,  it doesn’t matter, the Jihadi said, you’re all still dirty unbelievers, and deserve only to be conquered and enslaved.

And with that, the Jihadi set about killing western civilians to scare them into submission and make them give him all the lands of the West to add to their Caliphate.





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