An Ossi Pastor’s daughter, Europe and Mr. Clueless, the modern Triumvirate of “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” have forgotten Europe’s “proud“ Non-Intervention Agreement for the Spanish Civil War.

First Russia came to Iran to build a nuclear reactor;
And the Triumvirate didn’t speak out because it involved Israel.

Then Putin came for Georgia and took Ossetia;
And the Triumvirate did nothing because it was only “Soviet” Georgia.

Then Putin came with arms and money for Assad and Syria,
And the Triumvirate did nothing, because they declared an arms embargo for Syria which was only one-sided – the EU & West.

Then Putin came for the Crimea;
And the Triumvirate did nothing because it was really Russia’s.

Then Putin came for Eastern Ukraine;
And Merkel prevented the Triumvirate from helping Ukraine defend itself, because defense would fail.

Then Putin came for the rest of the free former Soviet states;
And the Triumvirate did nothing because they were formerly Russia’s.

The Putin came for the former DDR with his tourist “volunteers” in their tank “RV’s”;
And then Merkel could do nothing, because there was no one left to help the BRD when Merkel had not helped them.

Thus the Russian Empire was re-established and the Cold War Colonies re-taken and Putin was the host of them all. And on that Seventh Day Putin finished his beginning work that he had done and he rested on that Seventh Day for all the re-conquest he had done.

But in this new Cold War – beware Eighth Day! On the Eighth Day Putin looked over the EU, licked his chops and came for the rest of Europe;
And then, Obama gave an eloquent speech but did nothing, because he has never been anyone there to help.

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