This Presidency has adopted the old Soviet ways. Obama, Clinton and the Democrats are about to use their own KGB / Committee for State Security to try and insure continued Democratic reign – and maintain an unbreakable hold on power.

Obama, his Secretary of State Hillary and his Democrats are the Persons Who Lost the Cold War we Won. Their only presidential candidate, Hillary, has no military experience of any kind. They know that no American in his right mind could possibly vote for for Clinton in the current world of Putin Adventurism and Islamic Holy War.

But, what does America have? We have the most successful general, Petraeus, in several generations – sitting on the sidelines waiting to be called back into the game. And, it turns out he’s got common sense, is practical and smart to boot.

So, these Democrats want power so badly that they are willing to sacrifice General Petraeus, America’s greatest asset for the dangers we face – so that we, the American people, are not able to / tempted to turn to him in our hour of need.

This is a new low in America. It may even signal a loss of the greatest element of political genius in American society.

The danger; the evil: criminalize behavior for political purposes!
It seems that Democrats are re-creating the old Soviet rules of “politics”. Anyone who appears to be a political threat must be “taken out”; anyone who has a better policy for, or ability to protect, the safety of America must be “taken out”.

Petraeus must be seen in the light that is applicable, namely, the political consequences and maneuverings for the 2016 presidential election.

The Democrats have destroyed the great genius of American politics.
The genius is that the loser in a political fight is neither killed nor banished.
They are allowed to “live for another day”.
The genius behind this is that it gives them hope that they may in a future election, i.e., at a future date, come to power. As such, it is like the keel on a sailboat and it is a self-righting mechanism.
It means that we do not take up arms against each other.

The Democrats and Obama and his KGB are actively engaged in the process of Stalinization – taking out potential other political choices by way of a Show Trial.

The great genius of American politics is about to go down the drain.


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