Make no mistake. Obama did not make a mistake! Obama purposefully avoided Solidarity with France and Europe.

Europe and the Western World’s Paris March is symbolic of solidarity and opposition to Islam in its current love affair with Islamic Holy War and of a re-dedication to protect and fight for democracy and Western values.

Obama’s real reason for not taking part is so monstrously bad that the White House has taken for the first time ever in his administration to conceding he was simply “mistaken”. American Obama apologist commentators deflect that he simply did not recognize the Symbolic Importance of the March; that he merely had a tin ear. Bunkum.

Our “Supreme Leader” was engaged in his own Symbolic Act by refusal to March. Only Obama‘s Symbolic Act was directed to the Islamic world; not to Western countries and Western values. Obama was out to yet again show his Solidarity with the Islamic World and to Symbolically show that America will no longer use its power to meaningfully confront and oppose Islamic expansion.

Again, make no mistake. In what can only make the French People cry, Obama has abandoned the cry of “Lafayette, we are here”. In the hands of Obama, America’s proudest moments with respect to France and Europe has died.

And to pour salt on the wounds of the French People – and is equally guaranteed to make the American People suffer the fate of France in 1939 – Obama has perversely adopted the principles and strategy of Maginot and his pathetic Maginot Line for America !

Maginot’s pathetic “strategic” Maginot Line was to show the Germans that they had no designs on Germany; that France would only engage in defense. It never took account of the Germans’ strategic designs and how to counter them. Result: 4 weeks to conquer and 2 more for abject surrender.

Obama’s strategic defense is just as pathetic. Obama constructed his own Maginot Line and sweet-talked America to retreat behind it.

Obama’s strategic thinking is just as pathetic as Maginot: our enemies would no longer be enemies if they saw we had no ambitions vis-à-vis them. Obama is symbolically demonstrating that America renounces any and all activity and claims with respect to the Islamic world and has retreated from any opposition to Islamic objectives or demands in the world. And so, Obama says – they will leave us alone.

You know his “fortifications”. There’s unilateral withdrawal from all conflicts and fighting, e.g., Iraq and Afganistan. There’s watch others engage in war and do nothing, e.g., Syria and Ukraine. Let anti-democratic Islamic forces take over a popular revolution and call them democratic, e.g., Egypt. And, of course, Europe and NATO have been happily complicit in this. (And, of course, when it becomes too obviously an embarrassing failure – he engages in cosmetics: high-falutin’ words and symbolic dropping of bombs from a safe distance.)

He fed us the line that we would be protected with this “homeland security” defense against all enemies if we just hunker down behind this Maginot Line. Unfortunately, our enemies did not see it this way. They saw it rather as the rarest of opportunities: their enemy (us, America, Europe) would unilaterally take themselves off the field and leave everything free to them. And, boy, have they seized the opportunity.

Obama is smart and a good read. So why did he re-create an American Maginot Line? It’s only explainable in a devotion to his ideology. He sees America – and we now see he sees Europe – as fundamentally illegitimate; as fundamentally evil players and a force for evil on the world stage. He fundamentally does not trust the American people and the American ethos and as now apparent, our forebears, the European peoples.

And so we are living the Re – “Reconquista”. Even as Europe has forgotten Charles Martel, Tours, Prince Eugen and Vienna, Islamic Holy War has not forgotten.

They have unfinished business. But Obama: Lafayette – forget it.

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