China’s cyber war? China’s trade war?  Not only !  FENTENYL – the new opium trade !  History repeats itself in a new Chinese “OPIOD WAR”– but in bitter irony – in reverse ! Yes, China is willfully engaged in a deadly Opium War against the American people !  A pernicious unprecedented war with Americans suffering hundreds of thousands of deaths and casualties –  and with not one Chinese casualty !

America has become the despised recipient of China’s revenge.  Huh? Remember the old opium trade: when the West got what it wanted by paying for it with opium at the cost of the Chinese population.  Well, the West reformed.  But it has done no good against a China with long memory and refusal to forgive.

China is the land of the fentenyl factories that supply the world.  (It’s also the land of the factories that supply all the precursor chemicals for much of the meth for the world.)  Oh, but not to worry, China has “understandings” with America that it will stop the factories and production.

Oh really?  Well China does have some 2 ½ million internet censors to make sure that Chinese have only Communist Party sanctioned “safe info’.  So does it field as many inspectors to police the opoid trade?  Of course you know the answer- Not on your life.  They have a measly few hundred + inspectors – and their new Opium War continues .unbothered and uninterrupted.

In further irony, the Chinese probably also figured they could get this revenge from how easy it was to addict Americans with an “opium” trade of cheap goods. Yes, America, richest country in the world, had become effectively capital poor and so allowed itself to become “addicted” and thereby controlled by China’s “opium” trade of cheap goods and shiny electronic trinkets!  But remember, the Chinese did not want our goods in return.  In this trade war China is extracting only the West’s wealth and jobs – not American goods in exchange.

So, it’s apparent that China was not satisfied with just impoverishing our middle class through opium trade of cheap goods.  Instead China, with long memory and refusal to forgive. wants its pound of flesh as interest on its payback. “Revenge is best eaten cold.”

Isn’t it about time we controlled this new Chinese “Opium War” and shut it down?

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