We sort’a always figured that the simple genius of American politics was that you could make a run for power – lose – but not lose your life and possessions – and could try for power again, next time ‘round .  And the winner, well, he didn’t have to watch his back and worry about being bushwacked.

And this is a break from all the other mean and nasty murder and mayhem ways of gaining and holding power – kings with pretenders to the throne; tyrants, dictators, communists with everyone; religious systems with heretics; and putchist factions with each other.

What a smart idea.  If you have another chance, you can accept defeat – without turning to guerrilla warfare; and maybe even, graciously.  But at the least, you return the favor; and when you win, you allow the loser to live and give him a chance to fight another day.

And so the system is in balance. It was what made us what we are – stable and safe – in short a workable political system – and a real democracy !

But American politics was turned on its head this time after the Trump election.  The losers, the democratic political establishment and an established [entitled?] bureaucracy, determined to kill off the winner – instead of being content to live another day  and wait the allotted time to try their turn again !

And so we have a nightmarish novelty:  all the old tricks of killing off the losing faction, were used instead by the losers to try and kill off the winner.  Had the Blind Men, these pols and media, ever bothered to ask us, the American People (the Elephant), they would have known that even as you scared us half to death for the last three years and now with this impeachment

–  we think you ‘done us wrong’ !

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