At long last – a President of the U.S. has shown some good ole horse sense when it comes to Iran.

We all know that Iran, it’s Revolutionary Guard / Al Quds and all their surrogate terrorist militias are evil snakes and have been about killing and harming Americans and anyone standing in their way to hegemony of the Middle East.

The problem is a Gordian Knot of our own making!  We all know that all the “realist” political poo-bahs and their elitist academic and journalist peanut gallery tie us up in the knot: ‘sure, they’re bad and hurt us, but if we actually protect ourselves, then they’ll only hurt us badder – so we shouldn’t really do anything meaningful.’  These “realists” really live in an alternate universe from the real world where Iranians do even more killing and harm the more we do nothing.

And so along comes Trump and attacks the Iranian Gordian Knot with the common sense rule – “cut off the head of the snake”.

Good ole horse sense !

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