What do ya do, if you want to sell something, but ya ain’t got the goods? Do what Democratic leaders do – the Bait & Switch Con. For those of us who can’t see clearly through the smoke when  politicians make a switch –  just remember how this con was played in game 1 against Trump (Special Prosecutor Mueller).

These car salesmen of the political world, are hands-down the masters at the Bait & Switch Con.  Remember, the purpose is to have John Q. Public be convinced that someone has done really, really bad stuff – so they believe it even when you can’t show it ! And even when you know it isn’t so;

Bait & Switch Game 1 (Special Prosecutor Mueller):

The Bait:  Crime of Collusion against America. Trump is a sleeper Russian agent, who gained the Presidency to deliver us to Russia.

The Switch:  Since there’s no there, there –  pivot. Go afterall kinds of other bad things’ like a campaign officer’s wrongdoing before he ever joined the campaign and having nothing to do with Trump.

The Con’s distraction:  you go to ‘where there’s smoke, there must be fire’ on other things, so that John Q Public thinks that there still must have been the original evil doings by Trump with Russia !

Bait & Switch Game 2 (Ukraine):  This is unfolding and John Q Public is being gamed and played the same way.

The Bait:  A whistleblower. The sky is falling – Trump bribed a foreign country to destroy his opposition candidate.

The Switch:   Oh, we don’t need the whistleblower.  We’re going to show that Trump talked about it with other U.S. employees; not a foreign country.  And then make you believe that because he considered it, it’s the same thing as if he really did it – when he didn’t.

This is known as the Politicians’ Art of Deflection:  or how to make you believe
that where there’s smoke – there’s fire.

But it’s really Dem Politicians’ Art of Deception: or how to
blow smoke up the Public’s ass !

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