In the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, peoples’ bodies are taken over by aliens and their bodies used to destroy society.

Talk about Strange !  What’s happening now for real in Democratic Party Politicians mirrors this horror movie.  Bizarre !  They went to sleep one night; and woke up as aliens inside, saying ‘vote for me’ while trash-talking American society

These Democratic Party Politicians still look like ordinary ‘mericans; they still talk ‘merican; they even still say they’re American.  But it’s only their bodies that are still American.  .

Talk about self – hate!  Democratic Alien Politicians emerged from their privileged pods now spouting such a never-ending stream of Hate America Speech that ya gotta wonder if maybe its alien Ayatollahs behind the brain-washing.

In a sci-fi twist of reality, the American free and open society tree seems to have grown poisonous fruit.

A mainstream Democratic Pol, “Stain-ted” Hillary, weaponized America’s diversified society and turned us ordinary every-day Americans into “Deplorables” for political advantage.

And now, it’s as if the current crop of Dem Pols are each an auto-immune disease – all attacking not just deplorables, but all of America, all culture, society and values; All – Americans.

Speak about New Speak !  America liberates concentration camps becomes America runs concentration camps !  Us ordinary normal folk can’t wrap our heads around the obscenity of new Dem star AOC shouting to the world that America has become Nazi Germany complete with Concentration Camps!

And just as obscene, and just as disgusting, Democratic Politician Big Shots drive the nails into our coffin by coming out in support of her; and so support the transformation of America into the new American Reich engaged in a new Final Solution.

And speak about a shark feeding frenzy!  Now all these alien Democratic Politicians have taken to eating their own – regular verbal Storm Troopers.  A politician doesn’t speak the party line – that the other Americans are evil and along with American society are to be destroyed, not worked with – he’s universally condemned and ripped to shreds.

Beware.  These Democratic Politician Alien Life Forms  will probably also adapt the old Hitler Youth marching song: ‘

We’ll keep on marching,
‘til America falls to ruin,
Today  the third world’s free
& tomorrow we give ‘em America.’

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