Curiouser and curiouser.  Democrats and liberals ‘choose not to remember the past, but allow themselves the right to repeat it’ – and are content to condemn the American Public to become their subjects.

First.  The infamous past:  The Inquisition, the Grand Inquisitor, his petty inquisitors and their Index of Prohibited Books (Librorum Prohibitorum).  And when?  Why after The Great Liberation; when the Church and Monarchy’s monopoly on information and knowledge was blown up.  By what?  Why by the printing press and the open, free and “cheap” publication and dissemination of everything to the “masses”.  And the response?  Why forbid publishing and reading, of course.  And the purpose?  Why certainly not to protect the power and prerogatives of the ruling class of clergy and state.  No, of course not.  And so “really” why?  Why to protect the people’s morals and thinking from disruptive books!

Switch to our enlightened modern times.  1984 taught us again that modern governments have the power, will and skill to turn us into Newspeak lemmings.  And even in “enlightened democracies” the cost barriers to entry allowed for a monopoly of social and political information  in the Fourth Estate, as handmaiden to the new religious First Estate, the Political Class.

The Second Coming of the Great Liberation:  the Internet.  Celebrated by liberals as liberating – a way to break the monopoly of big media and the gate-keepers’ of information and interpreters of events and history.  Freedom of expression and Information’s Second Coming.

And now the Second Coming of the Inquisition and Grand Inquisitors.  Democrats are leading the charge of the Political Class out to establish the Second Coming of the Index of Prohibited Books – a new Index, the Index Internet Prohibitorum = the Index of Prohibited Internet.

Grand Inquisitor Pelosi wants the Internet vetted to protect the American People’s thinking being misled.  Grand German Inquisitor Kramp – Karrenbauer chirps that it is unfair to allow certain kinds of opinion to influence elections.

Of course, they banish us from uttering the word “censorship”. But Pelosi’s purpose is simply Orwellian with a twist:

‘The government which controls the present controls the future.’
But it’s for our own good !  Sound familiar ?

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