What if – we think of Steele and his dossier from another perspective? What if – we think that it was the FBI all along that wanted to get unverified, scurrilous dis-information about Trump out to the public ?  What if – the FBI knew that they could not use such material if they were “the source”?  And then, what if – the FBI knew they had to use a “cut-out”, an “independent” source in order for them to then “use” the material?

I raise the thought because of an interesting timeline.  A fact mentioned by John Solomon in THE Hill:  Steele was hired by the FBI and took a special instruction in February 2016 for confidential informants.  The purpose of the hire: to provide info on Russia and the Trump campaign.

Then months later, in June 2016, Steele is hired by Fusion.  And just a few days later – on June 20, 2016 – he’s already completed and turned in the first report part of the Steele dossier.  Huh?  Curious.  God-like in a week or so he’s first gone out and investigated, etc. and written up his first report?

What if it’s rather that the info he “gathered” as FBI hireling and/or as info he was handed by the FBI was then used to “source” the private – oh so non-governmental – dossier report(s)?  Curious.

So maybe it’s an FBI “plant” to influence the election by disseminating dis-information they could not, on their own, use.  So maybe it’s an FBI method of making public what they could not make public.  So maybe, it’s an FBI method of having their own “material” brought to them – as if from outside sources – so that they could use to then investigate.

And of course,  the FBI is supremely competent to have their cake and eat it too.  Why, the material was then “vetted as reliable” by the mere fact that it came from a known source who was “trustworthy” because he was an informant they worked with before on an un-related matter (FIFA, 2009).  So maybe Washington Rules have become Moscow Rules and FBI has become FSB.

It’s not the old saw, ‘The FBI always gets its man’.
It’s rather, “The FBI gets any man it wants to get.”
And, unfortunately, it seems we can take that to the bank.

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