It’s well known that every 4 years the American People watch 2 Teams contest to see who has the say-so in running the place.

Well , it came to pass that the American People finally realized that their two rival Teams weren’t really rivals, but engaged in a shadow contest where they simply traded off running the place.  We also realized it was all about the Teams and their bootlickers taking, not sharing, the spoils of the American People’s hard work.  We finally realized their skill lay in fooling the People into thinking that they were acting for America’s and the People’s benefit and well-being.

And so an upstart Outsider, not a Team Player, joined in the contest.  And the 2 Teams laughed it off.  But the Teams were as the Blind Men to the Elephant. So, strange and mysterious as it seemed to them, they found that this Elephant knew that the Teams were really only out for their hide; and they only gave the American People the scrapings from their plates.

And the second that the two Teams realized they had been blind and that the Elephant was choosing the Outsider, the “rivals” decided to “team up” and hog tie the Outsider.  And so they chummed the waters with all kinds of bait to see if they could get the Elephant to attack the Outsider.

And, by god, it worked.  But not on the American People – they voted for the Outsider.  But all the Teams’ bootlicking groupies attacked. The bureaucratic state bit into the Outsider and frustrated his every policy move. The law enforcement and judicial state bit into the Outsider’s friends, co-workers and sympathizers – telling the American People that where there’s smoke somewhere else there’s fire from the Outsider.

It’s now become a regular shark feeding frenzy – their blood lust out of control.  The Teams, the media remora, the Establishment are crazed with the smell of blood and make as if it’s open season to hunt down and kill the Outsider and the Heartland.

And all the while, sitting watching the feeding frenzy and waiting for it to be over are the vultures.  They helped the Teams by adding their own chum – exposing Team embarrassing info about how they slice and dice the People to gain political advantage; and feeding the Teams with false salacious and misleading info.

But boy have the vultures really been busy while the sharks’ feeding frenzy bleeds and weakens America and the American People.  They’ve gobbled up Crimea and good parts of Ukraine and Moldova; they’ve gobbled up Syria and Iraq and Yemen.  They’re setting missiles and atoms  to check America from being able to protect South Korea and Japan and Southeast Asia; and ditto for the Middle East.

And the Outsider and the Elephant, us, the American People, have been crying out to the Teams – stop.  Realize that your feeding frenzy is tearing America apart.  If you do this, we will lie weakened and the vultures won’t even have to wait, but will eat us alive.  The Heartland called out “United we Stand; Divided we Fall.”

But the Teams, so intent on denying the Outsider and regaining power wouldn’t listen, particularly to biblical wisdom – A House Divided Against Itself, Cannot Stand. Instead they put down the American People as foolish for such ‘sentimental pap’.

And so it came to pass:

The Politicians and their Groupies wouldn’t stop their feeding frenzy;
and America became food for the Vultures -Russia, China, Iran, etc.

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