Damn.  Sure looks like history repeating itself.  First, as great tragedy:  the Maginot Line and then Munich.

Now, as farce:  Obama’s new Maginot Line policies; and Trump’s Munich “agreements”.  These two men will go down in history as having proved to the world that America has, indeed, become a “Paper Tiger”.

France’s pathetic “strategic” Maginot static defense Line was to show the Germans that they had no designs on Germany.   Obama constructed his own Maginot Line. His “fortifications”: made out of paper, an “understanding” with Iran; unilateral withdrawal from all fighting, e.g., Iraq and Afganistan; and watch others engage in war/ do nothing, e.g., Syria and Ukraine; and “strategic patience” with North Korean atomic ICBM builders; and always putting lipstick on a pig – let anti-democratic Islamic fundamentalist forces take over a popular revolution and call them democratic, e.g., Muslim Brotherhood / Egypt.

Obama promised we would be protected with this “homeland security” defense against all enemies if we just hunker down behind his paper and his pretty words.  And why?  BECAUSE OUR ENEMIES WOULD NO LONGER BE ENEMIES IF THEY SAW WE HAD NO AMBITIONS VIS-À-VIS THEM AND SO THEY WOULD LEAVE US ALONE.

And, as day follows the night, they came after others too weak to protect themselves and no longer protected by America. And then emboldened, came after us – America – with a vengeance.

And so along comes Trump and takes the perps’ words as gospel.  So Trump goes to Kim Jun Un and declares he returned with denuclearization.  So Trump goes to Putin and declares he returned with no worries, no spies. All bark and no bite.

So , Trump channeling Chamberlain  ought to finally proclaim proudly to the American people:

‘My good friends, for the first  time in our history,
an American president has returned from North Korea and Russia bringing peace with honour.

I believe it is peace for our time…
go home and get a nice quiet sleep.’
let Russia and North Korea do their work “in peace.”

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