Just think.  The Soviet Union turned dissidents political behavior, like civil rights demonstrations, or dissidents religious activities, into symptoms of major mental illness – schizophrenia.  Result: hospitalization required.

Spain does the KGB one better!  The Rule of Law in Spain treats peaceful democratic political activity – like voting and elections – as criminal.

Spain is testament that Humpty Dumpty is alive and well (and suffered no great fall).  “Democracy” means what the Government wants it to mean; not what peoples everywhere in the world know and understand democracy to be.

The defining elements of democracy  – the right to vote; to hold an election; why even to have a say in what to vote about; the fact that power and authority reside in the people – are stripped out of “Democracy” in Spain.  Yes, Humpty Dumpty Spain treats peaceful activity as – sedition!  It treats the exercise of democracy as rebellion!

Spain’s “democracy” reminds you of another “free and democratic” place?  Think poor ole Hong Kong:  China there allows the people to be “free” to vote in a “democratic” election – where China picks all the candidates that they are then “free” to vote for.

And, then there is Judas, the European Union. The EU, slave to an addiction stronger than 30 pieces of silver – viz. continued Power – accepts Spain’s Moscow School of “Democracy” and sells out the fundamental democratic and freedom rights of the people and dishonors its Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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