Do we clap or do we weep?  A real life Greek Tragedy now comes to its end.  The hero of this tragedy is of course President Obama with America the setting and the American People both the chorus and the audience.

We can’t figure out who Obama really is. It seems hard to believe, but somehow we get the feeling that Obama, elected by the American people to be the most powerful man in the world, resents the very American people who elected him!

How can that be? How can you be both the beneficiary of the greatest gift that we can give, enjoy all that honor and respect; and at the same time be angry with us as gift-giver?

Obama could have been and should have been the American Moses leading us out of the dilemma and harm of that great divide between the genius of our founding documents and fathers and the legacy of 3/5’s of a person, slavery.

Obama (as an American Dr. Jekyll) adopted the very spirit and values of America as his plea to the American people – vote for me – and then you and I, together, we can change America so that the values of America will “finally” be realized in fact and not just in fiction.

Obama offered up to the American people the ability to confront that challenge in its current form today, and bless us, the American people were up to that challenge. In concrete terms, the most important and sacred Deed the American People had to do became reality: a man was judged as ‘nothing but a man’ and picked to lead us. No longer 3/5’s of a man, but just a whole man.

But, Obama,this American Hero, has been brought down by his own conflicts.  So we come to one irony of the matter.  Obama also harbored a resentment of America; and a negative or skeptical evaluation of the spirit and values of America. Obama (as an American Mr. Hyde) had an additional, unstated, agenda. That agenda is to punish, to take revenge for the “fact” that the spirit and values of America were to him “fiction”.

This tragedy is one of great pain and harm – but this time, not only to Obama,  but to America and to the American People.  And so we also come to the supreme irony:  Obama, entered and lives in our American Promised Land, but exiles himself with this resentment of America from communing with the Promised Land – an American Moses who has exiled himself from America.  An American Tragedy.

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