Ah, the old opium trade: when the West got what it wanted by paying for it with opium at the cost of the Chinese population.  Well, the West reformed.  But it has done no good against a China with long memory and refusal to forgive.

History repeats itself in a new Chinese “opium” trade – but in bitter irony – in reverse !  A reformed and repentant West is now the despised recipient of China’s revenge.

In further irony, America, richest country in the world, has become effectively capital poor  and so allowed itself to become “addicted” and thereby controlled by China’s “opium” trade of cheap goods and shiny electronic trinkets!  It is because of this that we take the cheap goods – even though they are actually more expensive in the long run !

(Huh? you ask.  Go to Home Depot; buy a Chinese outdoor light fixture  – ‘cuz it’s cheaper. Handyman installs it; but made of plastic with no UV resin; it quickly becomes brittle in sunlight and breaks; handyman removes it; goes to Home Depot to replace; then re-installs. This repeats itself. Factor in all these costs – it’s far more expensive over time than buying a properly made (American) one – which (if you only had the capital) while more expensive to begin with is cheaper in the long run.)

But remember, the Chinese do not want our trinkets in return.  This time in exchange China is extracting the West’s wealth and jobs. But it is apparent that China is not satisfied with just impoverishing our middle class.  Instead China wants its pound of flesh as interest on its payback.

(Huh? you ask.  We get adulterated baby formula with melamine chemical instead of protein; adulterated toothpaste; adulterated pet food that destroys their kidneys.  African countries get rice made out of plastic!  And south Asian countries get meth labs and precursor chemicals in a literal “opium” trade.  And none of this could happen without the wink and nod (or payoff) of the Chinese Communist party or government.)

It was bad for them then; it’s bad for us now.  So, isn’t it about time we controlled this Chinese “Opium” Trade in reverse?

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