Chew on this:  Crime pays – if you’re in the Club.

Parking ticket fine:  $68 + feeding a meter ($1).  Just for doing what we have to do millions of times a day. for blowing a parking meter by 1 or 2 minutes!  A government – imposed gift.

Bank’s Fraud and Theft:  a fine? – oh, $88 is ok !  Wells Fargo’s fine for fraudulently opening a credit card and/or bank account without a customer’s knowledge or permission and then milking the customer.

A Citizen: Do something as innocent as park on the street and feed the meter with your dollar.   In Los Angeles, a little two-bit hole, where I and a couple of million other poor shnooks live this is the equivalent of ‘Living Dangerously.’ Rush back 2 minutes late – and get the government’s gift of a $68 ticket.

But the City Attorney of L.A. and the federal Big Wigs treat something as evil as fraud and theft by a bank from the bank’s own customer – and as long as you’re a bank get the government’s gift of a $88 “fine” !  (Wells Fargo fraudulently opened 2,099,723 credit card and bank accounts and paid a whopping $88 each for these frauds!)

So – who are the real crooks here ?

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