You can gauge the potential importance of Trump’s win by the sour grapes being spit out– it seems – by everyone, not just the losing elites in the U.S., but scared elites throughout the world.

You always expect grumbling by the losers, but the venomous “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” reminds in another context of the biblical proportions of the fear felt by the elites.

To parapharase James (4:1-3):

‘What is causing now the fights and quarrels among us?  Don’t they come from the political elites’ selfish desires at war within themselves?

‘They want to keep the power and privileges they have, so they first schemed and lied to get it in the election; and then now to keep what’s left of it.  They covet power but now can no longer obtain it from the American People, so rather than accept the will of the American People, they quarrel and fight to take the power we granted Trump away from us.  They don’t have what they want, because they didn’t really ask the American People but demanded it. And now, not content with the outcome, they try to take it from us by inducing fear and loathing.

‘ And even when they went through the motion of asking the American People to give them power, they didn’t get it, because the American People finally realized that their motives are all wrong – they only want power for what will give them pleasure and wealth; and not to use that power for the well-being of the American People.’


But the American People are not dumb.  We know that you are just trying to scare us and the rest of the world. You’re now crying wolf about every imaginable thing under the social and political sun, because you wish to scare us into allowing you to keep your wealth and privileges, and to scare us into allowing you to hog tie Trump, and then allowing you to return to power.

We’re not ‘deplorable’ – we’re ‘adorable’; we want the American Dream – for all.

We’re not ‘know nothings’ – we ‘know something’; that our government is a government of all the people; not just the privileged and political elite.

We’re not ‘populists’ – we’re ‘e pluribus unum’.

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