What do lame-duck presidents do? Why, they become their own court jesters !

Obama’s cosmic joke: “ MR. NEW PRESIDENT –  STAND UP TO RUSSIA !”

What? Obama is finally able to speak truth to power – not to himself, but to Trump.

Pity that he is still not able, after 8 long years, to speak truth to the American People.

Obama,of course does not openly play jester  to Trump.  Good magician that he is, he goes to Europe and says to the world’s public there that Trump should “stand up to Russia when they deviate from our values and international norms.”   The magician’s art of deflection – to hide from the American People that he never – ever –  stood up to Russia in his turn at bat.

This from the master of “don’t do what I do, do what I say.”  Whatever.

But this joke alone guarantees that he will be a  first:  first politician to win the Mark Twain Award for humor !

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