Ya know, those 2, Brer Obama Fox and Brer Hil Fox. Well, they really hated that rascal Brer Trump Rabbit – on account a he was always against DEM Foxes’ money-spending waste and and even winning elections in districts where there were still a majority of taxpayers.

So, Brer Hil Fox with the help of Brer Barack Fox set out to capture and kill off  Brer Trump Rabbit politically – as the most important thing they was ever gonna do (since all the other things they ever did was jus’ to fool the American People to keep themselves in power).

She thought and thought about how she could bribe the American People into voting for DEM Foxes and never again for that GOP Rabbit. Well, time after time they came up empty, because the majority of the American People could not be bribed.

Until one day they come up with a plan to use his Golden Tongue and her Slick Tricks to make electoral magic. Brer Hil and Brer Barack would simply rename all the millions of illegal aliens in America and re-make them into “immigrants”; then harp on the notion being “undocumented” was a problem; and so many millions was a problem; so we could not possibly enforce our laws: and so it was urgent to forget the law. And then, what else was left?  Why, give them Citizenship instead.

Eureka, instant DEM voters!  But ya know, that pesky GOP Rabbit prevented DEM Foxes from getting away with that word trick, ‘cause Americans was smart ’nuf to know that was not the problem.

So Brer Hil and Brer Barack, they thought and thought again and then remembered the immortal words of Slick Willy – “If you can fool the American People one time; you sure as hell can fool them fools any other time”.  And they come up with a repeat of that Slick Willy’s greatest word game  – FREE TRADE!  TIPP – sell American jobs overseas and call it increasing American wealth.

The sheer brilliance of it – It was a three’fer!  In exchange they got billions from foreigners and Wall Street for their war chests and foundations. The DEM Foxes does not even have to fund the bribe! No, us fool American Taxpayers was forced to fund a health and welfare system for them to win elections in districts where there was no longer a majority of taxpayers.  And, EUREKA again, Brer Hil and Brer Barack has got their majority DEM vote.

Brer Hil and Brer Barack smirked, sure that their plans would now work perfectly.  Sure ‘nuf, Brer Trump come along and had never seen anything like it before! And he said that’s not fair – charity begins at home. We don’t export jobs in exchange for  shiny beads made abroad.  And he said that illegal to immigrant’s not right. If DEM Fox can do that with Mexico, then next up is the MILLIONS of families who will have a “right” to escape violence, crime and poverty in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Sudan ‘and so on, ad infinitum’ and an equal “right” to asylum in America as future DEM voters.

“I gotcha this time, Brer Trump”, said Brer Hil.  Brer Hil immediately jumped out in front of the cameras – “Well, well, what have we here?  Brer Trump is mean-spirited and immoral and depraved! And if you vote for him you are Deplorable.”  So Vote DEM Fox – and save all the innocent children and America will prosper even without you having jobs!

 And as for you, pesky Brer Trump, “I’m gonna watch you die.”

 ‘Oh please Brer Hil and Brer Barack,” whatever you do,

please don’t throw me into the American People Patch.”

 “Throw you to the American People, huh”? said Brer Hil, “What a wonderful idea!”

So she throw’d Brer Trump into the American People Patch –  “You’ll be torn into little pieces!”

Then there was silence – until the election rolled around.

And Brer Hil and Brer Barack did not know what hit ‘em.

 “I was born and bred in the American people” Brer Trump called out.

Every sane American knows how you tricked them.

 And DEM Foxes ran off with their “tale” between their legs.

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