Buddha told a parable of how one should be: even when hanging from a cliff between a tiger above and a tiger below and the vine being about to break.  He finds a strawberry, eats it and exclaims “how sweet it tastes”.  It is supposedly a teaching of “live in the moment”.

Unfortunately that same Obama / Hillary teaching is a different American Reality.

(1)  Obama was criss-crossing the globe picking up honors when he ran into Putin.  Obama runs away and – jumps over a cliff – to escape Putin.

But of course, he drags the American People over the cliff with him. He hangs onto the America People for dear life and uses them to climb down to prevent his fall.

Only, on his way down, there is a Putin Bear at the bottom waiting for him.

Unfortunately, his lifeline, the America People, was stretched thin.  The America People didn’t want to fall victim to Putin.  But, Obama had already stripped out all America’s military strength and this lifeline was about to break.

But Obama was a clever devil.  He conjured up a different problem.  He said, ‘see the Bully in the schoolyard – let’s punish him.  He got the American People to go along with him instead of bulking up against Putin.

And so the American People’s rope broke and both fell.  And while Putin devoured America,  Obama picked up his honors and ran off into the sunset.

How sweet it tastes – for Obama.  But How long can the American People hold on to Obama and Hillary to prevent their deadweight dragging them down to be eaten by a Putin?

(2)  Obama befriended the American People and got them to walk alongside him

Soon they realized that whenever they came upon an enemy, they were being offered up, right & left:  Putin, Ayatollah,etc.

The American People ran off, with nowhere left to go, but over the cliff.

Hanging by a thread left of their military, there were more enemies below them.  The thread was fraying, from Obama having sapped their will and confidence at every turn.

And the American People heard a Siren call – and lo and behold, there hanging on the side of the cliff was Obama having morphed into a Hillary.  He/she had a sign saying vote for me again – and this time, I promise, you’ll get real goodies – not all empty calories.

Do the American People reach for it?  How sweet does it taste?

Is it called living in the moment?  Or dying in the next?

(3)  Obama was crowned the greatest in the land.  Then he was crowned the Noblest in the world.  What else, it went to his head.

So he went around the world making miracles.  He got the Bullies of the world to give up their evil ways and do good.  Like:  He got the evil Ayatollah to exchange nuclear teeth for a piece of paper.

And of course, Obama himself did good around the world.  Like:  He saw that Aleppo had no bread – so he solved it:  “Assad – let them eat gas” !

And his slick tongue got the American People to go along– and believe that  they could make miracles too.  So he had the American People jump off a cliff with him.  Like:  we don’t have to protect ourselves from whoever wants to get us.

And, as they all saw the ground “rising” up to get them.

Obama said – not to worry.

And there on the side of the cliff was a wallflower – named Hillary

Obama said – take hold of that and sniff – as the American People met their fate crashing and burning.

How sweet was it?

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