HOW DO YOU WRAP YOUR HEAD AROUND THIS?  All the things that Hillary wants to legislate against and prohibit as evil in our society – are the very things Hillary feels free to use herself, when it suits her purposes !

Imagine:  Hillary the know-it-all, from her pulpit on high declares racial profiling is generally ineffective and demeans large segments of our communities” !  Not content with that She  supports legislation to prohibit federal, state and local officials from relying on race !  And all is in the name of preventing “systemic racism” !

But, of course, the rules don’t apply to Hillary the Hippocrite.  Oh no.  Hillary is above us all.

Hillary herself  is the Racial Profiler in Chief.  And a racial profiler of the worst sort – she uses it to pit one American against another.  Hillary is of the political school of “slice and dice” the American People to scare them about other Americans and get them to vote for her to protect them against other  – evil Americans.

Hillary the Hippocrite is above the very laws she wants to impose on Americans.  Hillary the Hippocrite has used her Racial Profiling for actual race – based campaigning.  Yes race – baiting.  Her Basket – Ball act is for the dual purpose of striking fear and loathing into blacks, browns and LGBTers against all Americans of European heritage and to get them to bloc vote for her.

Hillary the Hippocrite has used her Racial Profiling B – Ball act to try and shame Americans of European heritage to vote for her by saying – they are evil persons if they exercise their choice as free people to think to vote against her !

Hillary the Hippocrite will stop at nothing in her grab at power.  She has done a great evil – to America and our Constitution – by trying to destroy the great good the American People did in the past two elections.  It’s been the challenge of that great divide between the genius of our founding documents and fathers and the legacy of 3/5’s of a person, slavery.

Obama offered up to the American People the ability to confront that challenge in its current form today, and bless us, the American People were up to that challenge.  In concrete terms, the most important and sacred Deed the American People had and have to do became reality:  a man was judged as ‘nothing but a man’ and picked to lead us.  No longer 3/5’s of a man, but just a whole man.

And Hillary the Destroyer has turned that good deed on its head to make white Americans and every American of European heritage to be evil and less than a whole person.  As was said of another ex-Senator:  “At long last, Hillary have you left no sense of decency?”

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