THE SICK PRESIDENT (after aesop)

American Presidents, used to be the keeper of order among the nations.  But Obama in that role has worn himself out from years of saying that his America was powerless and not entitled to rule.  Realizing he was coming to his end, but wanting to bask in glory one more time, he put on his “new clothes” and crown and made a grand tour of the world.

Everyone realizing he had frittered away America’s power, figured now’s the time for payback.  So the Russian bear played rope-a-dope with Obama and took away all his allies.  And the Chinese dragon stole all America’s money selling us crap goods made by slave labor; and then stole an ocean to boot.  The Iranian Allah played chess with Obama and he let them take away the Middle East.

And, finally, even a Philippines buffalo seeing the Obama helpless to all his prestige being stripped from him, felt himself also fearless as a lion, and went up and cursed out the helpless Obama.

But the Obama remained true to form – just like when Crimea was invaded, he went to another country and promised to protect the other country leaving the invaded country in the lurch !  And so with his last remaining shred of his “new clothes”, the President dealt with a curse by high-tailing it off to somewhere else !


An All Bark and No Bite Obama

Even When Bitten

Will Only Bark Back

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