The American people had a contest to find the most modest person who could be appointed to run the country.  Hillary got wind of it.

When an American delegation came round, they found that  Hillary had dressed up in pedal pushers (or a poodle skirt) and glasses as an All – American girl.

She was asked why are you dressed up like that?  ‘Saint’ Hillary blushed and demurely said, “Why to remind me that I’m just an ordinary middle-class woman; and I’m just plain folks like everybody else.”

The American people were so charmed by these noble sentiments that she was appointed Ruler of the country.  Then the American people came a calling with lemonade and cake.

And lo and behold, they found her, like Scrooge McDuck,  swimming around in her 250,000,000 dollar bills in her Foundation’s pool.  Embarrassed, the American people hid their lemonade and asked themselves, ‘what happened to just plain folks like us?’

Hillary overheard them, smiled and whispered to Willie:

 ‘Fools, there’s no need for a lure, once the fish has been caught !’

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