Everyone knows the Tale of the Elephant and the Blind Men. The truly remarkable thing going on in America – is that NOBODY EVEN BOTHERED TO ASK THE ELEPHANT – THE AMERICAN PEOPLE !

What we have going on here is a failure to hear. It is a failure by America’s very own First Estate, the Political Class, to see themselves as the blind men; much less to understand this Elephant, the American People.

It makes you want to join in with good ole Will: “FIRST THING WE DO, LET’S KILL ALL THE POLITICIANS.” This first estate, these politicians, act like a perpetual clerical ruling class. They have cleverly taken the American people and sliced and diced us up into little balkanized enclaves in order to pit us against each other and perpetuate their rule.

Learning Lesson 1:

The American People don’t want to be ruled by a First ,much less, a Second Estate. The American People left that behind a couple of centuries ago – and damned if we didn’t wake up now to find ourselves back in the same situation by these politicians.

The American People are a people of the middle. We meet in the middle – we all give up some of where we came from to become American, a pride of place; and we all retain some of where we came from, a pride of heritage. But for the damned politicians, united we will always stand.

Learning Lession 2:

The politicians and their remora, the political pundits, listen to Trump and blindly inform us what the American elephant is. But, there’s no truth to it; it is rather whatever ax they have to grind. The pundit and politician in the middle hears him destroying the reputation of America abroad, (like it really matters after Obama). The pundit and politician on the left hears him destroying the Democratic Party under the guise of destroying American “values”, like open borders and allowing new voters to flow in. The pundit and politician on the right hears him destroying the Republican Party, like closed borders: preventing factories and jobs to flow out.


Learning Lesson 3:

This American Elephant ain’t disaffected, etc., etc., etc. This Elephant is One; Whole. End of story.

Listen and you’ll learn. Trump doesn’t sound like a politician, arrogantly telling us what’s good for us and bad for us. Trump sounds just like you and me when we’re sitting around the coffee shop or out in back with a couple of brews and just talking.

The appeal is that he doesn’t act aloof and high polished like high clergy politicians do. The appeal is not the particular content; any more than when your friends go out on a limb after a few tall ones. You know the next day you can revisit it.

The American People is saying to the political class – see us for what we actually are: one people. The American People is saying to the political class – you are the ancien regime and have to be swept away again – in order for us to continue the greatest and most successful experiment in creating a society of one estate: of the people, by the people and for the people. E PLURIBUS UNUM.

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