Hillary is such a saint!

Why, in just one 15 month time period (just part of 2015 & 2014) she has given so tirelessly of herself – that she spent (just hold onto your hat) ~ 51 hours – speechifying to Americans.

And she’s such a quiet and retiring saint.

She never demanded compensation for her tireless efforts.  No, no, she just humbly accepted – “”Well, I don’t know.what[ever] they offered.” Just like jolly ole salvation army St. Nicks at Wal-Mart – accepting whatever you offered in the pot –- just like the $11,000,000 that that grateful Americans voluntarily offered and dropped into her tip jar for her tireless 51 hours of effort!

But Hillary says, “don’t you worry America, I won’t ring a bell for them.” Yes, those who tipped her  were,  she reminds us, just doing their duty  and don’t expect any earthly rewards. Their charitable duty. – letting her Johnny Appleseed-like spread  enlightenment to people across America.  Oh, wait, those speeches are private – they will first enlighten America when hell freezes over.

So, relax young America – you shouldn’t get “Berned.”  For you see, your student loans are in safe hands and done gone & used for a good charitable purpose.  “I am working tirelessly on your behalf to get your loans used for the greatest charity of all – bill, hillary & chelsea foundation for the advancement of clintonism” !  That’s why I, Hillary, make the public university circuit getting ~$300,000 per speech – and all of it – yes, all of it – humbly goes to our charity.

Yes, Hillary’s such a saint.


QUESTION:  Have you always told the truth?

CLINTON: I’ve always tried to. Always. Always.

CLINTON MORAL:  America, I’m here to teach you the lesson –

A Half Truth

Is a Whole Lie

There’s no Staint to this Saint.

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