We can’t figure out who Obama really is. It seems hard to believe, but somehow you get the feeling that Obama, elected by the American people to be the most powerful man in the world, resents the very American people who elected him!

How can that be? How can you be both the beneficiary of the greatest gift that we can give, enjoy all that honor and respect; and at the same time be angry with us as gift-giver?

If we indulge in a bit of amateur psychology (we all do live by this kind of stuff), maybe we can find an answer. You know, our mentor, Winnie, reminded us during Obama’s first term and again after his re-election:

“I can’t predict to you the actions of Obama.
It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”

Who has the key? Maybe, now after our mid-term elections, “perhaps there is a key – and the American people have now found it.” Maybe, that key is in Obama’s two names; it is the riddle of the journey from a “Barry” becoming wrapped in a “Barack” inside the enigma of power.

Just imagine that maybe it’s because Our “Barry to Barack” President is really a “Barry and Barack” President. In other words, The Strange Case of an American Jekyll and Hyde tale. It just seems that a devil and an angel are inside Obama with each coming out and to the fore.

And to add to the mix, the American people’s own (to some) Jekyll and Hyde past comes into play with Obama. But, the American people part of the Jekyll & Hyde mix is easy: it’s been the challenge of that great divide between the genius of our founding documents and fathers and the legacy of 3/5’s of a person, slavery.

Obama offered up to the American people the ability to confront that challenge in its current form today, and bless us, the American people were up to that challenge. In concrete terms, the most important and sacred Deed the American people had and have to do became reality: a man was judged as ‘nothing but a man’ and picked to lead us. No longer 3/5’s of a man, but just a whole man.

But Obama pursued a more complicated path – from “Barry to Barack” to “Barry and Barack”.  Interestingly, it is the opposite path that new Americans follow. We are in the habit of changing the foreign language first name to its anglicized form or to an American name. So the signal of becoming American is to become Peter from Pedro, a pride of belonging; but still of Hispanic origin as a Garcia, a pride of heritage.

Obama became a new American by changing the American name to a foreign name. I suspect that it was politics rather than psychology that led to the name change initially. But, words, even names, mean something. Words can hurt. Words can also change your feelings and emotions.

And so the Barack was also in some way, the way towards another, not just political, change – to a resentment of America; and then the way towards an academic (read, “negative or skeptical”) re-evaluation of the spirit and values of America. And just as Jekyll was able to only partially control Hyde, so too it seems as if Obama has only been able to partially control this Hyde of his, a devaluation and resentment of America.

And so we come to the supreme irony of the matter.

Obama (as Dr. Jekyll) adopted the very spirit and values of America as his plea to the American people – vote for me – and then you and I, together, we can change America so that the values of America will “finally” be realized in fact and not just in fiction.

But Obama (as Mr. Hyde) had an additional, unstated, agenda. That agenda is to punish, to take revenge for the “fact” that the spirit and values of America were to him “fiction”.

That punishment has been acted out in word and deed. The punishment is reflected in the continuous withdrawal of American influence, power and presence throughout the world and a retreat into America behind a paper Maginot Line. The list is long and known to all. The drumbeat speeches of American mea culpa and respect for other forms of culture, religion and social organization over Americans’ is equally long and know to all.

I suspect that of all the laurels Obama has won, he may be proudest of the Paul Revere Medal (the “Americans are Leaving”, the “Americans are Leaving” award). The American people on the other hand are left saddled with the saddest and costliest title of all awarded to Obama: “the Man Who Lost the Cold War, We Won” !

So, it’s time to recognize that Obama, like Moses, may have led America to the Promised Land, but like Moses, his flaws should have prevented him crossing over. In this case, crossing over has led to an inability to lead successfully in this Promised Land of ours, America. So thanks Obama. But it’s truly time to leave.

If you could only let the Dr. Jeckyll come forward again and control the Hyde, you would do Us well in this lame duck period to not suffer further around the world from that inner conflict of yours. Please finally pay us the American people the respect and honor we showed you -until it’s time for someone else to take the reins. Help us regain the upper hand in the fight waged against us by the real evil in the world – everybody’s real enemies: the Islamic Jihad, hell-bound to conquer and then convert the world to Islam; and the real imperialist tyrants: Russia, Iran and China and all their little proxies.
You told us once, you really loved us
And no one else could come between.
But you’ve done left us to love them others;
You have shattered all of our dreams.

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