OBAMA: TAKE MY WORD FOR IT (after tales of Mulla Nasrudin)

One day, the American People cried out to Obama, “we’re scared, please protect us from Islamic Holy War.”

Obama replied kindly to the American People, as if to a child: “Oh, there’s nothing to worry about. Don’t you know they’re not Islamic. And anyway, you’re still wrong to worry, because I declared victory against them and so in time they’ll be defeated.”

Just then, the Islamic Holy Warriors started slaughtering the peoples of France and America in their own homes.

And the American people cried out again, but how can you have defeated them when they are here at home yelling Allahu Akbar and killing and terrorizing us?

Obama, indignant, lectured: “Shame on you, you America the bigoted! Anyone who would take the word of those man-causing disasters over my, Barak Obama’s word, doesn’t deserve to be protected !”

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