Right for Halloweeen:  Obama has grown a second head – a Slick Willy on that Democrat Body of his ! Obama channels his great foreign policy advisor Jimmy Carter and his ‘how to handle ‘em’ personnel advisor Clinton.

And so when it comes to Syria, Obama has “looked on lots of evil dictators with lust”. He’s even “committed removal in his heart many times.”

Ah, but not to worry. Not for our, pure as the driven snow, Obama.

Asked:  if told that he did nothing to save the Syrian people from a tyrant and mass murderer, would that be a lie?

Obama stands up on the altar before the American people and testifies: “It’s certainly not the truth.”

“Why, I’m sending some 16 – 20 Special Forces to Syria, not to fight, mind you, but to advise all 5 of the Syrians we’ve fielded against the Syrian Army, the Hisbollah militia brigades in Syria, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Army in Syria, and, most importantly, against the dozens of Russian, fighter bombers, helicopters and missile warships and hundreds of advisors on the ground in Syria.”

But, most importantly, Obama proudly stands in front of the American people and protests:

“I did not engage in sexual , er, military relations with that Bully – that Assad.”

No, no: Obama acts like Mo of the Three Stooges: “If Russia, Iran, Hisbollah and Assad dare to hit our moderate, anti-Assad, rebel forces – well then, we are going to slap Isis !”

“Our proper job is to stop Bullies, right here, in America’s playgrounds – not in foreign lands.”

So, the American people cry out: Is there a commitment to remove Assad that means anything?  And the great American Master of Relations leaves us with great clarity:

“That depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”

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