THE FABLES OF HILLARY: THE WAITER & THE BANKER – 2 Sides of the Mouth – 2 (after Aesop)

The Hillary was out in the freezing cold searching for votes. She came upon a group of waiters and kitchen workers standing outside of a fancy hotel taking their smoke.

Hillary immediately ran up to them and said, stop and listen and vote for me.

So they invited her in to the shed and she gave a red-hot speech about how she was in solidarity with the working man; that she and they were in it together; and how they were exploited when they could not earn a living wage, etc., etc., etc. And the workers were stoked and warmed with her rhetoric.

However, one worker had a family, had no funds and while warmed with her words knew his first obligation was to his kids. So he went back into the hotel to work hating himself for breaking solidarity with his Hillary.

Well, it so happened that he was assigned to the banquet hall where he served a grand 13 course meal to the American Bankers’ Assn. evening. As he was bringing them cognac and cigars, the speaker of the evening got up and gave her speech.

The Hillary said stop and listen and vote for me.

So they stopped and listened. She gave a cool speech on how the business of the Clintons was really the business of America and thanked them for the $500,000 honorarium , but joked that Clintons had gotten better from others.  She went on that they could rely on the Clintons’ administration to favor free trade, etc.,etc., etc. And so they really had to pony up and vote for her.

The waiter dropped his jaw; and ran outside to his fellow workers. He cried out what the Hillary was doing.

And they all yelled: we’ll have nothing to do with the Hillary politician who blows  –

hot solidarity with us and cool million dollar member of the club with them  –

–  all in the same breath !

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