It’s an irony of modern times that Greece’s greatest hero comes from the barbarian lands of Europe to carry out the Labors which will benefit and save both the Greeks and the EU.  It is as if Zeus knew that in order to save his mortal Greek subjects from themselves he had to create its greatest hero outside of Greece.

This modern Hercules (Herakles) is Wolfgang Schaeuble. But it’s equally an irony of modern times, that it must also be said of this new Herakles that no good deed will go unpunished. – so, Wolfgang Herakles is at the same time the most hated man in Greece.

Wolfgang Herakles greatest Labor has been to clean out Greece’s Augean Stables.

You have to be a man of super-human endurance to sweep away: out of control government featherbedding; out of control give-aways to voters of rent subsidies, oil and gas subsidies, electricity subsidies; early retirement subsidies; and the habits of living beyond government’s means, etc., etc., etc.

And the Greek best served by the New Herakles is Tsipras himself. Tsipras has needed Wolfgang as the evil that “forced his hand” to do the structural reforms desperately needed, but that Greeks could never do alone as they never had the will to do on their own. Tsipras has even used the Hero as the excuse to reform the unconscionable privileges and entitlements that Greek politicians have granted themselves.

To paraphrase Luke:

‘No Hero is accepted in the country he saves.’

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