Greece, in its time of great need, prayed: and there came forth a new Alexander. This new Alexander called on the Greeks to follow him – and he would pull off the greatest cattle raid in all of Greek history ! He promised that Greece would wind up with hundreds and hundreds of billions of Euros – and that they would get to keep them all !

So the Greeks (who can resist a free lunch) – democratically elected Alexander their new Demogogue ! And so this newly minted Alex the Great set out to steal the cattle. And so he preached to the unwary European Barbarians that they should turn over their precious Euros to Greece since their democracy demanded it for strictly humanitarian needs – like paying for a government civil service bloated with party voters.

But Alex the (would-be) Great didn’t know the difference between being greedy – and being a pig. So, it came to pass that at some point the guileless Euro Barbarians felt they were being taken advantage of and asked for simple reforms, like branding the cattle, to tell what belonged to whom.

And then Alex the (would-be) Great feigned great hurt and anger. And he drew out his mighty sword and threatened the Barbarians with destruction of their Euro and their EU house. But a funny thing happened: the Barbarians called his bluff. So he swung the mighty sword – and, and – missed the Euro !!

Instead Alex cut off the Greek lifelines – and won the sobriquet ALEXANDER the GREXIT !!

But hand it to Alex, did he give up? No, he doubled down. From the weeds of the ruins of Attica this new Alcibiades has arisen to use his ambrosia-dripping tongue to urge war, war. Alexis Alcibiades took up his battle cry “wir, wollen den totalen Krieg” against the barbarian troika.

Alexis – Alcibiades preaches that “the EU is weak from living in luxury like the satrap enemies of ancient Greece and from doing nothing all day but drinking the life’s blood of their Greek victims.” He will organize by referendum the whole Greek Nation into a giant Phalanx.

Alexis Alcibiades promised, “These effete Eurobarians will be easy to defeat. All you need do is vote for the magical “oxi” and drive the “NO” spear through the black heart of the Eurobarians.”

And he has ordered the building of Triremes, as of old, to ram it down the throat of the Eurobarians and make them drown in the name of Greek Democracy.

Wanna bet that Alcibiades 2’s war against the Europeans will be as “successful” and end the same way as Alcibiades of old?

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