Everyone knows the trickster – it’s been the stuff of legend and myth. No longer. For the first time in a long time, the God of Thieves has come back to play tricks and bedevil the EU’s mortals.

Even Homer had to rise to see this new Trickster for the first time after 2 ½ millenia. And Homer does what Homer did; he tells the Tale of the Golden Tongue – the new Hermes – Varoufakis!


Hermes – Varoufakis is the new-born Finance Minister, son of  Marx, King of the Gods, supreme ruler of myth and fairy tales and his mother Game Theory. The Gods have come down to earth with their Olympian clouds; taken up residence in Athens; and have started again to meddle in human affairs.

The “Greek Problem”

The Greeks were always a troublesome bunch; if not stealing other people’s women; then playing bandit and stealing other people’s cattle.

Today, modern Greeks do their stealing the modern way – they borrowed tons of money, can’t repay; then cook the books to make it look like they can pay; then used the cooked books to obtain an EU license to borrow the hard-earned Euro of the workers of the other Euro Group countries.

Disaster struck; the Ponzi scheme was exposed. The Greeks, knowing a thing or two about how to trick even those who are wary, then went to the EU and left the EU politicians a gift of the Loan of their Trojan Horse. Of course the EU politicians could never look a Gift Horse in the mouth and immediately took the bait – twice in 2010 and 2012 – to the tune, now, of some € 320 billion. Hay, you say?

But that’s not The Sting ! No, that was just the bait! Now watch the real con!

Con #1: Take Over Greece.

And then the miracle occurred. Hermes – Varoufakis and his brother Apollo Tsipras didn’t want the mortal Greeks to have all the fun tricking people. So, they decided to steal Greece from the Greeks so they could play God among men.

They created another Trojan Horse, Syriza, and promised the Greek people that (now that their trick borrowing was blown), if they would let Syriza be their Demagogue and Tyrant, they would vanquish their creditors – the Hydra “Troika” – and it wouldn’t even cost the Greeks a drachma.

Con #2: Scare the EU to Throw Even More Good Money after Bad

Hermes – Varoufakis, of the Golden Tongue, following Gracian’s Rule of ‘know each man’s thumbscrew – and turn it to advantage’ set out to trap the poor hapless EU politicians and their taxpayers by their own idealistic notions of European Unity and ‘once in, all in, forever in’. Hermes – Varoufakis scared the politicians into believing that the only way to save the EU was to throw even more good money after bad!

The hapless EU politicians are all about,’well, we’ve got to do a third bailout, er, loan of some € 50 billion in order to secure the repayment of the first 2 loans of € 240 billion’. And the more Hermes and Apollo play their lyre’s song of ‘no more loans’, all the more do they secure the EU politicians’ willingness to stuff more money into the Greek pit.

Con #3: (The Real Sting) Steal What Greece Already Borrowed

Hermes – Varoufakis, of the Golden Tongue did all of this to accomplish wiping out the € 240 billion they “borrowed”. Hermes, with a wink and a nod to Apollo-Tsipras and Marx, King of the Gods, lectured what true democracy is. And so Europe came to learn that when the Greeks vote for the Gods, Apollo – Tsipras and Hermes – Varoufakis that’s the real democratic will of the people and must be respected. And just as important, prior agreements made by plain mortal Greek politicians do not count.

Hermes – Varoufakis finished his plaidoyer to the EU on what the meaning of “is” is, er,what “We promise to pay” really “means”. A Greek promise to “pay back” only means to pay back when Greece has any money left over – after paying for all the things it wants for itself. You know, like government featherbedding or subsidies for oil, gas, electricity, rent, etc., etc. etc. to repay Greek voters for their vote.

The Lesson.

The new Hermes-Varoufakis Marxist Motto: from each EU taxpayer according to Greek needs, to each Greek according to his wants. Thus, the Greeks swear “we have no money to pay back the loans” and therefore EU, ECB and IMF, you should forgive the loans.

And, we have been witness to how a half truth becomes a whole lie.

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