Catch the new T-V show everyone’s tuned to, “Tsipras – Varoufakis”: Demagoguery in Athens (plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose or, as we would say it, déjà-vu all over again).
Syriza sold the Greek people a bill of goods: that they would vanquish their creditors – the Hydra “Troika”. They promised that it would be fast and easy; and not even cost the Greeks anything. Syriza promised an end to gravity: it said we know how to wipe out our debts; and then get even more money out of the creditors to boot. Who wouldn’t want that?

And so Tsipras – Veroufakis , the new incarnation of Apollo, master of the lyre, played lyre music to the people and the Greeks fell under their spell. True to form, like any good demagogue, it proclaimed that it was the Greek people who were the victims of the criminal Germans, etc. who unleashed their Wolf Pack, that Troika, the Euro Group, the ECB and the IMF, to tear the flesh off and drain the life’s blood from the Greek people.

Syriza was so sure of its success that it advertised how it would wage this war. Syriza has simply gone “MAD”. It resurrected the old Cold War “mutually assured destruction” gambit. Syriza charged right in and warned the Troika: give us what we want – a haircut on your loans “styled” to help us out; or like Samson we’ll bring down the pillars of the Euro (how, left unstated; it’s scarier that way) and, if we’re really good, your precious EU might crumble as well.

But it coated that poison pill with dulcet words. Like: Troika, by doing our bidding, you’re just respecting the democratic will of the Greek people (even as they demanded that the EU disregard, if not disrespect, the will of their own peoples) !

And the “Institutions” (Euro Group, ECB & IMF), like Marsyas before them, could not win a competition against Apollo and so sacrificed their own taxpayers (forget their principles). And now we get to watch Apollo flay the living skin off the EU taxpayers: put off to Neverland Time repayment of €240 billion; and “borrow” an additional €50 billion or so.

And Greece’s God-pair’s sweet lyre song is: Greece alone in the world is due the ambrosia of a Keynsian prime the pump as they swill the nectar of someone elses money to pay for it.

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