And you thought the Godfather was Sicilian? Well, ya got it wrong.

He’s Greek. In fact there are lots of them Greek Godfathers and they run the Greek government – and they all think they have made Germany (and the EU) “an offer they can’t refuse!”


Greek Justice Minister Paraskevopoulos also gets into the blackmail business – but “judicially”.

This new Greek blackmailer’s demand: take the deal as offered by Greece or else… or else Greece will expropriate German assets / property in Greece. And to twist the knife in you and then pour salt in the wound we’re going to call it repayment for Nazi war crimes.

It is beginning to look like the old adage that when you get down in the dirt with dogs you get up with fleas. All these Marxist left-wing government apparachiks must have got down in the dirt with werewolves, because they sure came up like a wolf pack.

The Greek President and the Finance Minister spew threats and conjure up those they begged money from as enemies. Then they send in the wolf pack: first the Greek Defense Minister bites Germany by preparing to give Greek papers ( EU papers) to all the thousands of refugees streaming in and including all the terrorists among them to grant them passage to Berlin. Now, the Justice Minister bites Germany by preparing to expropriate German property in Greece.

But that all will be ended – when Germany and the EU pay the Greek blackmail – a mere 240 billion Euros.

Well, no, it turns out Oliver Twist is really Greek and the President and Finance Minister demand ‘more sir’ – without so much as a ‘please, sir.’ The more – an unlimited IV of ECB “real” money to buy up worthless new Greek government short term “promises to pay” paper issued to Greek banks – just as fast as Greek government presses can print it. After all, the social welfare high-life payments must resume and continue.

Now that’s what you call a true partner, er, blackmailer.

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