It’s high time we became smart again – we can create a new and better Gold Rush, simple as pie, and create jobs for all Americans – and – wipe out our deficit at the same time.

Ah, how you ask? Really simple – expand the “Obama Immigration Doctrine” to cover the rich entrepreneurial class of the European Union.

First remember what it is. The “Obama Immigration Doctrine”invites foreign children and unskilled, uneducated folk from countries where they have no jobs to come to the U.S. Once here, the “Obama Doctrine” performs a hat trick : it places the illegal aliens into shelters and pulls out a new person – an “undocumented immigrant”. It then houses them, provides health care, welfare, licenses and lawyers to help them get papered – to go from “undocumented” to “documented”. It gives them Americans’ jobs and makes American citizens pay for all this.

And all Obama and his cabal ask in return for their generosity with your tax money – is that they just get repaid by the magically documented with their free votes to keep their cabal in office – democrats’ lesson in democracy.

See, nothing mysterious about the “Obama Doctrine” – just magical. Well, if we just expand the “Obama Doctrine” and expand immigration we can really create magic for America.


See, Republicans are crazy. They shouldn’t oppose Obama on Immigration; they should Embrace Immigration, but in this new expanded form to benefit America:

Our “Mother of Exiles” should now call to the EU: “Give me your cursed, your reviled, your wealthy masses yearning to be free” !

(1) Offer refugee / undocumented immigrant status to all Rich and entrepreneur Europeans.
(2) Welcome them with only the bank accounts on their back; and convert all their Euros to Dollars.
(3) Require them to re-establish their businesses in America and hire American workers.

It’s really high time to take advantage of other countries’ misfortunes and failed policies. All we gotta do: Allow rich and entrepreneurial Europeans to escape the recession in Europe; to escape the crash and burn of the Euro; to escape the re-nationalization and socialization of their businesses; to escape the coming break-up of the EU;
and most importantly,
Thanks to Obama, the Man Who Lost the Cold War we Won – to escape the coming Return of the Russian Bear into the countries of Europe !

Just think: Americans won’t have to pay for their welfare, health care, lawyers, etc. An immigration policy that costs us nothing! (And, if we ever would allow “immigration” of American companies’ overseas profits back to America, instead of just children to be publicly supported, we would have even more jobs!)

And in a New York minute, we’ll have the new Gold Rush of 2015 of European wealth and entrepreneurial talent transferred to America. The result – we erase our deficit and create jobs for all the displaced American workers and take all the Obama “immigrants” off public support and onto the employment rolls.

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