Congrats President Obama ! Only you can make Churchill turn over in his grave to cry out (yet again) : “Occasionally Obama stumbled over the truth, but hastily picked himself up and hurried on as if nothing had happened.”

Obama certainly stumbled over Sony.

This was “Not an Act of War” declares Obama; Obama even stumbles over it again and refuses to even label it Terrorism !

So what is it, Mr. President?

Well, Obama knows a thing or two about “artists” and creativity.  Obama: “I think [it was a mere over-exuberant] “act of cyber-vandalism”.  You see, Sony creative artists make a comedy about North Korea.  So – then North Korea “graffiti” artists take a bit too much “poetic license” and just stumble into “vandalism” !

The sad thing is not that Obama can’t define “vandalism, because lets us know he “knows it when he sees it”.

The truly pathetic thing is that Obama can’t define “terrorism”; much less define “war”, because he lets us know he “never knows it when he sees it!”

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