The way to deal with North Korea lies through China ! Let’s be clear – North Korean behavior has been a proxy war allowed and financed by China ! China has years of stealing industrial and military secrets from America at the cost of millions of American jobs and tens of billions of wealth.

But through North Korea, China has been about something even more pernicious. North Korea still exists ONLY because China keeps it alive. China keeps and uses North Korea as a Mad Dog to terrorize South Korea, Japan and the U.S. to keep us ‘every which way’ so tied up that we are militarily no threat to China (check-mated).

This Mr. Hyde monster, North Korea, unleashed by China, can now no longer be fully controlled by “our Dr. Jekyll friend” China. With Sony, Hyde has gone a “bridge too far”. They have now struck an arrow into our heart – our most precious values of freedom and liberty are bleeding out.

It’s high time to get China to stop it! It’s high time to get China to pay for our costs and the damages they allow North Korea to inflict on America and our allies ! The solution to this North Korean Act of War against America (and not just against Sony), lies in applying the Trading with the Enemy Act and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) TO CHINA !

It is exactly here where President Obama, with existing Congressional Legislation, may, without controversy, issue Executive Orders to remove all the economic support China provides North Korea and to make American companies and taxpayers whole for the costs we have had to bear in fighting against this Chinese proxy.

China and its companies lend North Korea all the monies it needs to survive; all the monies it needs to build atomic weapons; and all the monies it needs to build missiles to carry those atomic bombs to America. China and its companies sell all the goods North Korea needs to survive; all the goods it needed to build an atomic weapons capability, and all the goods it needed to build a missile capability.

All of those Chinese companies assets must be frozen and / or seized. All of their trading and sales to American allies must be frozen and / or seized. All of the Chinese state companies’ economic activity with North Korea must be toted up and those amounts must be frozen and/or seized from any other Chinese state company that trades or sells to America and/or American allies.

Its time to change the equation.  North Korea can get away with being our enemy, because China allows it to be our enemy – all at no cost to China and at great benefit to China. From now on, China must bear all the costs of North Korea’s Mad Dog behavior ! It’s the single most important and effective way to deal with that behavior; indeed, it is probably the only effective way to deal with it – without having to go to war.

Time to end this.
* forget about “negotiating” with North Korea.
* forget about backing off to not “upset” them.
* forget about Clinton appeasement tactics of calling off joint exercises with South Korea.
* forget about Obama appeasement tactics of cancelling regularly scheduled American military defense testing.
* forget about mealymouth verbiage as a “response.”
* and, please, forget about our going to China, beggar’s bowl in hand, and begging China ‘please sir, more sir’. We, beggar America, plead with China, ‘pretty please’ intervene with North Korea and ask them to stop being bad.

It’s exactly another case of having a Red Line — that you can’t do great harm to America — and then allowing China to cross over it by aiding and abetting its proxy North Korea to do great harm to America .  It’s Putin and Ukraine.  It’s Assad and Syria.  It’s finally time to stop.

It’s time to make China bear the cost of this deceitful game they are playing with us. Like any good magician, China diverts our eyes from this ball, by “joining” us in “protesting” against North Korean behaviour – while being the sole support of the bully. It must be made more costly for China to allow this North Korean badman / madman game, than the benefits it reaps from it.

Sanction China and use / interpret the Trading With The Enemy Act and/or International Emergency Economic Act. North Korea is our enemy. China trades with our enemy, our enemy survives only because China trades with it. More importantly, North Korea behaves the way it does, because it doesn’t suffer, but gains from it. It doesn’t suffer from it because China continues to support / sustain it. And, it doesn’t suffer, because all the countries it bullies pay tribute to it.

Betcha – that would cost China more than what they’re getting from trading with North Korea.
Betcha, we all know that China – if forced – would take profit in trade with America, South Korea and Japan over North Korea.

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