Wonderland in Korea

King Cho “Hang Low” [owner of Korean Air] :
Rule 42 – all persons must obey my daughter – the Queen of the Air !

Queen Cho “Hung Ya” [daughter]:
Rule 42, you know – anyone in my presence can only breathe the air after I’ve used it !

Queen “Hung Ya”:
I warn you dumb peasants… if I lose my temper –
You lose your head! Understand!

Captain “Scared Rabbit”:

Your Majesty, members of the jury, loyal subjects and King “Hang Low” :
The prisoner Park “Bang His Chin” stands accused of:

Queen “Hang Ya”:
Never mind all that! Get to the important part.

Captain “Scared Rabbit”:
And by these unspeakable crimes he –

* Caused her Majesty the Queen to — lose her temper !!

[The evil event] Queen “Hung Ya”:

* my nails, my nails, my precious nails !
* my precious, precious beautifully laquered nails !

* who dares to risk my precious laquered nail job – being scratched with the foil of a nut bag?

* who dares to risk me breaking my precious nails – trying to open something as strong as a foil bag ?

* for risking my nail polish finish and for risking my possible nail breakage –    * by not serving my nuts on a plate —

* someone will lose his head !!

Queen “Hung Ya”:
Now are you ready for your sentence ?

Passenger Alice:
Sentence? But there has to be a trial first.

Queen “Hung Ya”:
* sentence first !
* trial afterwards.

Passenger Alice:

But that just isn’t the way….

Queen “Hung Ya”:
All ways – are my ways: I am Majesty !

Queen “Hung Ya”:
I’m not called “Hung Ya” for nothing!

* this time the cabin stewards will be hung outside the plane – and dropped at my pleasure !

Captain “Scared Rabbit”:
Oh no, your Majesty, please, we can’t throw him off the plane when airborne !

Queen “Yung Ya”:
The hell you say.

Captain “Scared Rabbit” whispers in the queen’s ear….

Queen “Hung Ya”:
Oh! See world – what a great and magnanimous Queen I am!

* just drop him on the tarmac in this god-forsaken land of equality [U.S.] and let him be banished from the great land of chaebol [KOREA] !

Back in the great land of chaebol:
The beloved subjects are acting stupid and acting up.

Queen “Hang Ya”:
The fools are complaining?
* someone’s head is going to roll for this !

King “Hang Low”:
Daughter, Queen, we must get rid of these stupid commoners.
* we can’t let them think that royalty has not really been abolished !

* you must fool them all – just “hang low” and apologize !
* I’ll show ya how to fake it.

Queen “Hang Ya”:
Bows low to the cameras and says “I sincerely apologise. I’m sorry,” before droves of journalists.

All the while, the Queen’s interior monologue:

* I am not in the habit of talking to the rabble of commoners and peasants.
* I do so much prefer talking to myself ! You know, it’s the only way I can get a decent conversation around here.

Passenger Alice, witnessing the Queen’s show:
And as for you, your Majesty! Your Majesty indeed!

* why, you’re not a Queen,
* but just a – a fat, pompous, bad tempered old tyrant !

Queen “Hung Ya”: and uh, just what were you saying, you creature from the land of “speaking out” [U.S.] ?


The Korean people (appear from nowhere, just like the Chesire cat) – in chorus:

* why, she simply said that you’re a fat, pompous, bad tempered old tyrant !

* Long live democracy!! Chaebol out !!

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